Awards Night November 11th at 7 pm @ Timber Creek Inn, If you have euipment to return please do so at this time.


Who we are.......

We offer the opportunity for children ages 7 to 14 (1st -8th grade for cheerleading) to learn and participate in tackle football and cheerleading. While always striving for victory, we remain an instructional league with the following goals: being a feeder program for our High School Football Program,fundamentals, sportsmanship, fair playing time, teamwork, and teaching a love for the game. These are all part of our main focus as we strive to learn the game of football and sport of cheerleading.

2004 Superlight Champions
2012 Superlight Champions
2012 Junior Varsity Champions
Congratulations to Cheer!!!
We took home 4 trophies today 3 of them 1st place!!!!

Superlights-2nd Place
Lightweights-1st Place
J.V.-1st Place
Varsity-1st Place

Way to go Girls!!!